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  • 09.05.2016: Be smart – Go international!

    Do you wish to gain practical work experience while studying? Are you interested in cooperating with international companies or helping Estonian companies become international? Don’t miss this great opportunity and find out more about EDU-SMEs project:

    EDU-SMEs project was started in the autumn of 2015 between different universities of applied sciences as well as small and medium-sized companies in Estonia, Finland, and Latvia. The main aim of the co-operation is to help the students develop their knowledge and skills of international business through real-life cross-border assignments that have been put together by different Latvian and Finnish companies and are intended to be used in higher education studies. This might as well be your chance of finding apprenticeship, an employer, or a co-operation partner.

    Much of the groundwork has been done and several companies have expressed their interest in joining the project and have compiled practical assignments that are now awaiting the new academic year, entrepreneurial teaching staff, and active students. The enterprises are mainly interested in finding ways of exporting their products and services, receiving feedback on their products and their company webpage, and attracting consumers of neighbouring countries to use their product, etc. The students get an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge by providing the companies with valuable information and research results in the context of internationalisation.

    The good news is that you are not alone in the process. The assignments can be solved together with other students and are supervised by the lecturers of the particular subject. In order to accomplish cross-border assignments the lecturers forward the students valuable study materials to be used within their subject. The course about the internationalisation of small and middle-sized companies in English is being developed at the moment and will soon be available in the e-study environment of Eliademy.

    Junglebar is one example of a product in case of which a small Icelandic company asked students to conduct market research. How to market protein bars that include insects? This assumes out-of-the-box thinking and exciting ideas to reach the right target groups. Did we get your creative juices flowing?


    We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the project and we’re meanwhile getting ready for the new academic year – there are things to look forward to. Learn more about the project here:

    EDU-SMEs is a co-operation project between Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Tallinn University of Applied Sciences (Estonia), Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Latvia), and Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator (Latvia).