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  • 31.10.2018: EUAS Public lecture: Tom Everill - The man who radically changed Amazon's understanding of the true potential of HRM
  • 25.10.2018: Entrepreneurial decision making in uncertainty workshop
  • 04.10.2018: EUAS Expat Meetup
  • 26.09.2018: Ülemiste City Competition for Innovation Award Scholarship
  • 26.09.2018: Ülemiste City Competition for Bachelor's and Master's Thesis Scholarship

                                                                  Ülemiste City Competition for Bachelor's and Master's Thesis Scholarship

    The scholarship(s) of Ülemiste City Competition for Bachelor's and Master's Theses are intended for a student/students who is/are ready to write on the thesis topic proposed by the cooperation partner. The competition will take place in two stages: submission of thesis outlines and submission of the final theses.

    At the Master's level the scholarship is up to 2500 euros and at the Bachelor's level the scholarship is up to 1500 euros. The scholarship will be paid in two instalments.

    The scholarship is funded by Ülo Pärnits Scholarship Fund. The objective of the Ülo Pärnits Scholarship Fund is to support entrepreneurial education and which will highlight competition to drive and help Ülemiste City smarter. Ülo Pärnits was the long-standing head of AS Mainor and the founder of Ülemiste City. Ülo Pärnits was the long-standing head of AS Mainor and the founder of Ülemiste City.

    The competition will be open to all the Bachelor's and Master's students.

    Students who comply with the following conditions can apply for the scholarship:

    • the student's weighted average grade is at least 3.5;
    • the student has a supervisor from among the academic staff; it is the student's responsibility to find a supervisor from among the academic staff of the university.

    To participate in the competition, the student shall submit a thesis outline based on the thesis topic proposed by the cooperation partner Mainor AS-le A thesis outline must include the following: a concrete research question formulated in cooperation between the student and the supervisor, description of the scope of the thesis and consent of the supervisor and academic supervisor. The thesis outline must be signed digitally by the student and academic supervisor. Mainor AS will register the thesis outlines and submit them for review.

    During this period of the competition, the student (also together with the supervisor) can meet the cooperation partner to formulate more precisely the research question and define the scope of the Master's thesis. Please contact: Mainor AS Project Manager Katrin Sulg

    Mainor AS (Ülemiste City developer) will assess the preliminary thesis outlines and select the best student who can write the thesis in cooperation with Ülemiste City and will appoint a co-supervisor.

    Mainor AS supervisory board approve the results of the competition and notify the teams of the results of the competition.

    The student who submits the best thesis outline will be paid 1/3 of the amount of the scholarship after announcement of the results. Mainor AS may make a decision to divide the prize between the participants on a different basis. The rest of the scholarship will be paid after the defence of the graduation thesis.

    All potential problems related to awarding of the scholarship shall be solved by the Mainor AS.

    Ülemiste City will own the intellectual property created. The team members shall be pointed out as the authors of the intellectual property. The authors shall have the right to use the created intellectual property as a reference project.  

    Topics and problems:

    A concrete Master's or Bachelor's thesis selected based on a topic outline can focus on a narrower topic within the proposed topics.

    1. Modern smart city traffic solution

    Ülemiste City is becoming a 24/7 city space in the coming years. There are nearly 10,000 people working currently in Ülemiste City daily and the number shows an increasing trend. According to the development plans motor traffic must be moved from the centre of the district to the edges of the district. The distances in the district are not long, but the designers foresee a need for an integrated traffic solution, which would facilitate movement between the buildings in the district. 

    Objective of the work: To provide a modern traffic solution suitable for a smart city, which would focus on the east-west direction (from Kesk-Sõjamäe street to Ülemiste shopping centre), but also involve/connect the buildings and other developments in the north-south direction. The solution provided should follow the so-called "dry foot" principle and be based on the actual situation at Ülemiste City.  

    1. Vision for uniform architecture of the undeveloped areas of Ülemiste City

    Ülemiste City as a smart city has an architectural task to develop a commercially viable, attractive and multifunctional urban space that offers the best development, living, working and learning environment for companies and the talents working, living and learning in the campus.  We are developing an environment that operates 24/7.

    Objective of the work: To provide the best architectural and, above all, functional design for zoning and wider use of the non-reconstructed city space (to the east from Ääsi street) in Ülemiste City. To present a preliminary vision of the architecture. The integrated solution should be selected based functionality as well as improved value of land.  

    1. Ülemiste City as the number one place to live and work

    The next generations will be increasingly mobile all over the world. The cities that can attract smart people and companies will be successful. There are 10,000 people working currently in the smart campus of Ülemiste City and this is only the beginning of a rapid growth. Being located by Lake Ülemiste in the midst of Tallinn and being the gateway to Estonia (the airport, the joint terminal and the planned Helsinki tunnel) provides good prospects for this.

    Objective of the work: To provide a concept and an action plan for developing Ülemiste City into a dream place for local and foreign specialists to live and work. To investigate other business campuses and make proposals on how to turn Ülemiste City campus into an attractive 24/7 living and working space.

    1. Providing decent functionality for the gateway to Estonia (landmark: twin towers)

    The near future will bring new and interesting changes to Ülemiste City. A new and modern city square with a landmark will be constructed next to the Ülemiste City campus, which will be called the European Square and which will be the Estonian gateway to Europe (the airport, the joint terminal and the planned Helsinki tunnel). The two biggest shopping and entertainment centres in Tallinn, Ülemiste Keskus and T1, will open to the square. One can get there by tram (there are 3 tram stops on the square) or by car (excellent access and parking facilities) and next to the square there is the Ülemiste Smart City campus.  The European Square is planned between Tallinn Airport and Peterburi tee and a three kilometre long city promenade will connect it to Tallinn's Old Town.

    Objective of the work: A big 28-storey twin-tower building is designed as the landmark of the European Square, which does not have the functionality suitable for a landmark of the European Square. The goal is to provide a functional design for the landmark taking into account the surrounding environment and the purpose of the square.  

    Criteria for assessing competition entries:

    • Innovativeness
    • Potential for implementation
    • Efficiency/profitability of the solution (compliance with the set objective)
    • Visually and substantially compelling presentation (video, PowerPoint, mock-up, etc.)
    • Relevance of the competition submission 

    More info, please contact: Katrin Sulg, Mainor AS,


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