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  • 08.10.2020: 8th EUAS entrepreneurship conference
  • 28.05.2020: Conference “Entrepreneurship and Innovation: How To Avoid Getting Stuck In Today’s World” - Call for Papers
  • 22.05.2020: EUAS student story: Fletima Andrianne Dias
    1. Fletima, please introduce yourself.

    Hi, I'm from Mumbai, India. I'm currently studying the MBA program International Business Administration at EUAS. I decided to study in Estonia because of the start-up culture, technological advancement, beautiful, clean and serene environment and the reasonable tuition fee (since I've self-funded my education). I chose EUAS because it develops future entrepreneurs along with being an international university.


    1. Why did you choose to study IBA? What are the things you like the most about our university?

    Back home I handled Sales and Operations in the Fashion Retail sector, I think studying this program will help hone my managerial & entrepreneurial skills. The things that I like the most about EUAS is that the classes are not too crowded unlike public universities; the diversity (my classmates make 8 different nationalities); the experienced lecturers, who are not only academically qualified but also have entrepreneurial or relevant work experience in their fields of expertise; the communication between students and lecturers is easy.


    1. You have experience in the startup day panel. Please share your experience. 

    I was invited by Study in Estonia since I’m cooperating with them as a student ambassador. The panel was conducted by Work in Estonia.
    Such panels are helpful as they provide a common ground to share ideas and experiences for prospective startuppers and overall start-up community.

    The topics we discussed and searched for solutions were:
    - How to attract and retain foreign students (talents) in Estonia (we mainly discussed Estonia on the world map). How’s it possible to spot Estonia as a place for study/work?
    - Staying in Estonia after studies, learning the language, finding a job / providing a job as a startup, along with recruitment process;
    - Integrating into society. Success stories and obstacles to overcome. What can the Estonian government do to attract even more international students to come to study in Estonia and stay working in Estonia? Tips and tricks for international students and startup employers.


    1. You are working in one of the most profitable European fintech unicorns Transferwise. What are your tasks and how it’s like to work in a unicorn?

    This is another reason to choose Estonia :) A student can work full time, you can take 30 days of Study Leave per year and if you’re lucky enough (along with skills and right attitude) you get to work at one of the coolest offices in Tallinn - TransferWise! 
    The work culture & the people are amazing here and it's a pet-friendly office so lots of cute doggos around (how I miss the office now since we’re working from home). Besides, work hours are flexible which gives me a perfect work-life balance and most importantly there is no vertical hierarchy or a typical corporate structure. I work in Business Customer Support - providing customer support to businesses around the globe that use TransferWise.

    1. You are cooperating as an ambassador with Study in Estonia, the platform of institutions of higher education in Estonia. What exactly means to be an ambassador of Study in Estonia?

    This is a pilot project by the marketing department of Study in Estonia. As an ambassador, we collaborate with the team and other ambassadors for interesting ideas to promote Estonia as a study destination via the blog and social media. We also answer some email queries from prospective students.


    1. What would your advice be for future students?

    Do your research and select the course that suits you best - look at it from an angle that it will add value to your resume, career or overall experience. Be ready to embrace the initial struggles or challenges in terms of missing your family back home or the cold weather but if you work it out well and set your mind to do well in your field of study, work or both - you will find ways to adjust and enjoy your time here!


    1. What is your motivation?

    Professionally it is being a part of a great team and organization and doing well in my role! Personally, it is chasing the things that help me achieve my goals and bring a sense of content and happiness.


    1. What are your future plans?

    I definitely want to be a part of the start-up culture here and if things go well, may even study further :)

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