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  • Teaching and Learning in Multicultural Classroom

    Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Classroom


    Activity period 09/2020 - 01/2023

    What is the purpose of the project?

    The purpose of the project is to raise the quality of international studies and to support lecturers in the study process. The created materials will describe how to teach and learn more efficiently in a multicultural classroom. The main beneficiaries of the project are teachers of international groups, researchers and study methodologists. Indirectly, managers and personnel specialists of international companies will get hints and valuable instruction for developing their international employees. 

    What kind of activities are foreseen for the project?

    • best practice gathering and analysis
    • meetings and discussions
    • classroom visits and seminars
    • dissemination of results  

    The focus of these activities will reflect six main themes: 

    • students’ assessment and feedback giving
    • following social norms and values
    • use of active teaching methods
    • involvement of the students in the study process
    • groupwork and team formation in a multicultural study group
    • leading a discussion or debate  


    • International School of Tallinn
    • Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences
    • Mainor AS
    • RISEBA University of Applied Sciences
    • University of Stavanger
    • Jönköping University
    • UCL University College
    • Arcada University of Applied Sciences

    News about project partners visit in September 2021.
    Report: Students' assessment and feedback giving

    The project is financed by Nordplus Horizontal.

  • Language learning support for international students