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  • Educational and Entrepreneurial co-operation in Future City

    Educational and Entrepreneurial Co-operation in Future City


    Activity period 09/2021 - 12/2023

    What is the purpose of the project?

    The purpose of the project is to create a strong link between the modern educational system and future businesses, so that studies can directly relate to the expectations of employers. The main objective of the project is to find and describe innovative approaches and study methods and develop curricula.
    The project will raise the quality of studies: support lecturers in the study process and ensure wider knowledge for students. The created materials will describe, among other issues, best practices and case studies about how to teach and learn more efficiently.
    The main beneficiaries of the project are students, teachers, researchers and study methodologists.

    What kind of activities are foreseen for the project?

    • best practice gathering and analysis (three thematic reports and a final report)
    • meetings and discussions (three management meetings and 12 monthly meetings)
    • study tours with discussions based on Ülemiste Future City (three different themes)
    • dissemination of results (four press releases; four articles)

    The focus of these activities will reflect three main themes: 

    • challenges of keeping talent after Covid-19
    • challenges of environmental awareness
    • challenges of digitalization


    • International School of Tallinn
    • Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
    • Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences
    • Mainor AS
    • Aalborg University
    • University of Stavanger
    • Jönköping University
    • South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
    • University of Iceland

    Arcada University of Applied Sciences

    The project is financed by Nordplus Horizontal.

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