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  • Teaching and Learning in Multicultural Classroom
  • Language learning support for international students

    Language learning support for international students

    Period 1 August 2020-31 December 2020

    What is the goal of the project?

    The project helps international students of EUAS develop their key competencies by learning the Estonian language, creates opportunities for learning Estonian and instills confidence in students to communicate using Estonian in simple everyday situations.

    As a result of the project, international students of EUAS with insufficient language skills will have improved their Estonian. International students, regardless of their native language, will have more equal opportunities for integration and navigating the job market.

    A new course for learning Estonian will be created throughout the project. From September to December 2020, there will be four weekly study groups. Each group will conduct 14 sessions on different topics. The new course aimed at the development of social skills and communication supports the retention and use of beginner (A1.1) vocabulary.

    As part of the project, worksheets on 14 different topics will be created as study materials. The principles and materials can be applied when teaching any non-Estonian speakers: international students, teachers and, if necessary, foreign specialists who have come to work at Estonian companies.