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  • Internship support for international students

    Internship support for international students

    Period 1 February 2019-31 December 2020

    What is the goal of the project?

    The aim of the project is to improve the productivity of cooperation between the university, enterprises and international students. The project creates synergy between all three parties. The activities of the project help international students adapt to the enterprise culture of Estonia and ensure the acquisition of real skills throughout the internship in the best way possible. The enterprises obtain knowledge and skills to give the university feedback on the international student’s internship and to genuinely benefit from the international intern’s work at the enterprise. The project also supports the better preparation of specialists that meet the needs of employers.

     The project also assists international students in finding internship opportunities and completing an internship in an Estonian enterprise. As a result, international students will see improvements in their studies as they will have real business experiences to associate them with. At the same time, Estonian enterprises will get new opportunities to gain additional value in the form of international students whose knowledge, skills and experience meet the companies needs. 

    What activities are planned for the project?

    As part of the project, internship guides will be updated, a database of internship opportunities will be made, a new internship model will be developed and training courses for students and supervisors will be conducted. The courses cover, among other things, the particularities of adult learners in a way that is transferrable to the routine business life of companies to motivate workers.

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