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    Language studies at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

    Period 1 August 2021-31 December 2021

    What is the goal of the project?

    The aim of the language studies follow-up project is to create varied and attractive opportunities for international students to learn Estonian and to motivate them to communicate in Estonian. As part of the project, the Estonian skills of international students will reach language level A2.1.

    The themes of the project focus on Estonian culture and activities introducing it. The aim is to ensure a greater awareness of Estonian culture among non-native speakers and thus increasing the cohesion of Estonian society. Through the project, international students get support with adapting to Estonian culture and traditions, help finding contacts and are offered opportunities to socialise and discuss cultural phenomena that have influenced Estonia. Additionally, participants get a chance to introduce the culture and traditions of their own countries to each other.

    The Estonian language and culture studies will take place in a classroom (12 sessions).

    From September to December 2021, there will be three weekly study groups and each group will conduct 12 sessions on different themes. The study materials are worksheets for each class. There will be 36 classes conducted as a result of the project.

    The worksheets are logically related to the prior EUAS language studies project and are a continuation of studies on the next language level. The worksheets are tailored to the interests and needs of international students. The worksheets will be based only on Estonian and organised according to level.