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This program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, product and service managers, and business executives. The program provides a conceptual grasp of the fundamental elements of an innovative business, irrespective of whether it is part of an existing enterprise or a new venture.

On the basis of best business practices, the curriculum will train you how to identify and build unique business models, encourage co-founders and workers, and manage a growing organisation.

The program includes problem-solving in the real world as part of corporate internships in various marketplaces. The program is a secondary field of study in the Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation program.

The graduate:

  • is well capable of operating in variable environments, flexibly and creatively according to the needs of the organization;
  • is ready for the professional individual as well as teamwork in the field of his/her major and minor field of study, as well as employer and employee;
  • shows initiative and creativity in initiating projects/activities with a sense of responsibility and also leadership and teamwork skills;
  • recognizes available market opportunities and develops solutions in the form of a new product, service, etcю;
  • has acquired professional competencies that enable them to start with a professional career;
  • is capable of independent work, taking responsibility, and ethical behavior;
  • has good communication and IT skills

Criteria for admission:

  • Internationally recognized secondary education;
  • Motivation letter/short essay;
  • Admission interview;
  • Motivation to study and an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent proof of English proficiency (IELTS results can not be over 4 years old)

Info about scholarships and grants HERE.

  1. Three-year program

  2. Full-time study in English from Monday to Wednesday
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (BA)



Business administration module (47 ECTS)
Internship and final paper module (42 ECTS)
General competences module (25 ECTS)
Research methodology (13 ECTS)
Creativity and business innovation module (53 ECTS)


tuition fee per year for non-EU residents 5480 €
tuition fee per year for EU residents 5080 €


For questions about admission, please contact

"I’m extremely grateful that I have had a chance to be a part of EUAS.

EUAS is a place where students can freely meet and talk with faculty and staff. That helps to create an excellent learning environment for young adults. EUAS has given me hope about what higher education can do. EUAS provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. The emphasis on fun activities along with education always helped me a lot. I have always found a positive and healthy environment and the teachers are highly supportive. Most of my doubts were cleared after the classes get over.

Naeem Hossain, alumnus

"I chose to study creativity and business innovation because it is a program for aspiring entrepreneurs. As a future entrepreneur, I believe that knowledge of theories and concepts behind CBI will give me the confidence to establish a company/startup, hone my skills as well as learn from the experiences of others. And of course, the learning environment is located in Tallinn, one of Europe's start up hotspots with opportunities for me to find the right team, shape the right products and take off with my entrepreneurial career. 

Most positive side is that students are from various nationalities and so I get to learn about the cultural background of other students. And of course, the staff are super helpful with not just only academic related issues but helping you with information and advice on how to integrate into the Estonian culture and being able to learn Estonian language up to the A2 level. Also, learning from experiences of people as well as building a network of people from various nationalities.

Uchechi Joshua Chiabuotu, student

"My decision and confidence in pursuing studies at EUAS is bolstered by the Institution's track record of grooming students into successful, innovative professionals with thorough insight and in-depth knowledge in the field of Business, as Business is one of the world's most dominant institutions today. One of the main reasons I chose this curriculum for my studies is that it is intended to promote globalization through education, which is an area of study that I am interested in. A significant milestone I have achieved thus far in this exciting journey with EUAS is the accumulation of invaluable experiences that have assisted me in ascending to the upper reaches, which will sharpen the next ten years of my life's trajectory in the Business world with acumen, astuteness, and agility.

I must mention that the learning environments have had a ripple effect in that, they extrinsically motivate students to push out of the envelope and study more.

EUAS staff are not only committed, professional, ethical, and hold high standards, but they also have long-term experience and are laser-focused on their goals. I will hasten to say that the value system instilled in me by this great Citadel of learning has been an integral part of my growth, and this has given me the ascendancy in the  Business world to model mastery. Overall, it was a fantastic voyage with EUAS, and my wonderful Head of Curriculum greatly contributed to this success by establishing a pleasant atmosphere and reinforcing a comfortable room temperature during lessons.
Many thanks to EUAS

Boris Achou Kum, alumnus


Marleen Kedars, MA
Aminul Islam, PhD
Elen Jahimaa, MA
Karin Kuimet, MA
Aiki Pärle, MA
organisational behavior
Ivar Soone, PhD
Elari Tamm, BA