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Learn business by building your business.

The start-up area can be described with the following words: solving a problem, product-market fit, hackathons, MVP, considering the input and feedback from clients and users, fundraising.

Startup Entrepreneurship is an intense learning-by-doing curriculum where you'll learn business by building your own innovative company.

The programme taught at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences is unique and Estonia being an e-country has a great start-up ecosystem, where to be a founder of your own company.

This program is for you if you are proactive and willing to work hard towards building your own startup company. The program is a secondary field of study in the Entrepreneuship and Business Innovation program.

Application deadlines

Admission for Fall semester 2022:

  • Application deadline for non-EU (EU visa required): 31.05.2022
  • Application deadline for EU (and EU visa-free countries): 31.07.2022
  • Application deadline for permanent residents of Estonia: 30.09.2022

  1. Three-year program

  2. Full-time study in English from Monday to Wednesday 
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (BA)



Business administration module (47 ECTS)
Internship and final paper module (42 ECTS)
General competences module (25 ECTS)
Research methodology (13 ECTS)


tuition fee per year for non-EU residents 5480 €
tuition fee per year for EU residents 5080 €


For questions about admission, please contact

" EUAS was the place where I began my journey on the path of entrepreneurship. During those
3 years of studies, I gathered much in-depth entrepreneurial knowledge, experience at developing a company idea as a co-founder and have many memories thanks to the awesome atmosphere. Now, I am a proud alumni of one of the best universities with a lot to cherish."

Akash Das
Production Specialist at Swappie
Customer Support Associate at Starship
Alumni of Start-up Entrepreneurship

"My stay here has helped me to grow my entrepreneurial mindset and create my own company. EUAS is not only committed to building successful entrepreneurs but also towards your personal development so that you can become the best version of yourself."

Sona Irene Bokeng

"A good chance to get a lot of exciting skills, useful contacts, good friends and take part in cool events."

Gerry Konnov

Sign Lingua

"I came from Latvia and had a great experience at EUAS - it is a very friendly, innovative and digital environment. I got the inspiration to start my own business and decided to extend my studies to two semesters."

Muhammad Umar 
Erasmus+ student
Transport and telecommunication institute (TSI) Riga, Latvia.

New Hope

Our students' achievements at STARTER accelerator programme:

STARTERcreative - Winner (2018)
STARTERtallinn - TOP10 (2019)
STARTERtallinn - TOP10 (2020)
STARTERtallinn - TOP10 (2021)

Unlike the many accelerators and shorter programs out there, Startup Entrepreneurship offers an in-depth three-year program covering all phases of a startup's growth. Previously we have cooperated with TransferWise, BoltPipedriveFortumoLike A Local and Toggl
In 2019 we worked with Startup Estonia, GoWorkaBit, Clanbeat, Subatomic, CoModule, Fanvestory,  Lingvist, Innovation Academy, Cin Cin Bubble Tea, Elisa and Tele2.

It is best to already have an idea that you want to work on when applying or come to the idea through the events we have in Estonia during the first semester. You can also be a co-founder of the company.

Throughout your journey from ideation and business model design to hiring and rapid growth management, you'll be encouraged to work on your own idea through all your subjects. 

During your studies, you will take some subjects with Creative and Business Innovation students and some only with Start-up Entrepreneurship students. You are expected to put all your knowledge into practice and register and establish at least one company with a customer base and money flow. You can also be a co-founder with another person.

If you are motivated enough, you can meet a lot of accomplished people from across Europe and the world and build a solid professional network already while you study.

By the end of the program, you'll have a background of most probably several entrepreneurial ventures, setting you in a league of your own compared to your theoretically-taught peers from traditional business schools. Entrepreneur-minded students have the ability to continue as an entrepreneur or become a project manager or product manager inside a bigger company.

Criteria for admission:

  • Internationally recognized secondary education;
  • Motivation letter/short essay (30%);
  • Admission interview (50%);
  • Motivation to study and an entrepreneurial mindset (20%);
  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent proof of English proficiency. (IELTS results can not be over 4 years old)

More info about scholarships and grants HERE.


Vanessa Vorteil, MSc
Ming Jia Liew, MSc
Yiyang Yang, MSc